~grass between the pavers keep the pool area cool to the feet and it looks great~

Artificial Mondo grass from R&R Landscape. Patio stone/grass ratio for patio.


hat’s not to love about panorama windows? These floor-to-ceiling glass beauties can be such an enrichment to a space, connecting interior with exterior. Provided of course, that the view the good enough.

Small Pool looks inviting with all the plants and the stone with 'plant grout'!

Dark ribbons of dwarf mondo grass fill the cracks between flagstones. The mondo grass creates a cooler, less reflective surface and reinforces the natural-looking appearance of the space. Love the grass and stones!

Square pavers turned adorable.

Stepping Stones on the Diagonal. Unique idea for Walkways or Patio Areas. RCP carries a wide variety of Stepping Stones that you can use for your Hardscape Project.

Spanish Design: Enduring Aesthetic Furniture

Spanish Design: Enduring Aesthetic Furniture

The ARAM collection by GAN came about from its innate curiosity about the everyday. Work of Japanese designer Oki Sato, for Nen

retrouvez le tuto ici pour en faire un similaire at home!

Yucatan, Mexico - A hammock over a pool! Another reason for a hammock.kiddy pool as poor girls poor substitute, but would be nice this summer

15 piscines de rêve pour le plaisir des yeux - Une piscine construite dans le prolongement parfait de la terrasse. Piscine Carré Bleu Dimensions : 7,80 x 3,50 mètres Réalisation : CARRE BLEU CONCEPT & CREATION à Linas (91)Architecte : Lode ... - En cette période estivale, Plurielles.fr vous offre la possibilité de découvrir quelques-unes des plus belles piscines de rêve. Juste pour le plaisir !

The Chic Technique: Swimming pool design by Carré Bleu - Small pool with Covered Deck - mostly above ground

Adorable path and sitting area for a small yard. Although, that Japanese maple is planted way too close to the fence. Better to get a very dwarf variety and grow it in a large pot.

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Beach House :: Holiday Home Decor + Design Inspiration :: Beachside Hideaway :: Free Your Wild :: See more Untamed Beach House Inspiration

jardín pequeño con lugar de descanso

bluestone slabs and groundcover gives a carpet effect in this cosy courtyard - nice alternative to fully paved terrace

I want a lap pool!

The perfect strip of water in small spaces. modern pool by TaC studios. Love the idea of pool by left side of house. Long and narrow.