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120 Plo Koon by Hodges-Art on DeviantArt

Plo Koon is a seriously underrated Jedi. He held his council seat for the entire Prequel era, something only 3 other Jedi were able to do during this time. He also discovered Ahsoka!

Plo Koon Color by CBS-Ink on DeviantArt

This is my feeble attempt at a simplified coloring style. Let me know what you think.

Star Wars:The Clone Wars by SteveAndersonDesign on deviantART

Rex ¤° Star Wars:The Clone Wars by SteveAndersonDesign on deviantART Mehr

Magali Villeneuve Star Wars | What Is Rebellion Day?

Do you own the Force & Destiny Beta book and want to run the included adventure but can't quite figure out how to start? The adventure, Lost Knowledge, is a nifty little supernatural, Indiana .

Plo Koon...one of the coolest unappreciated Jedi Masters.

Plo Koon is my Favorite Jedi since I was a kid His Hood style is badass!

The Knightslayer by wisemantonofski on DeviantArt. This is intimidating and really captures his character.

General Grievous from the Star Wars Universe Drawn in pencil and detailed in biro and fine liner The Knightslayer