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Glorfindel y el Balrog

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Tolkien wrote some sad tales. This is one of the saddest: '.and look out upon the lands where evil and despair shall come upon those whom thou lovest' (Morgoth speaking to Hurin).


El señor de los anillos en ilustraciones....

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Visión de los Artistas sobre El Hobbit de Tolkien - Parte 1


An Ancient Enemy by ~LauraTolton on deviantART Glorfindel fighting the Balrog

Glorfindel Faces the Balrog - Derwell

Eönwë is the guy who soloes a Balrog, then goes for another. Balrog © J.R Tolkien Balrog

6 Glorfindel facts you may not have known

6 Glorfindel facts you may not have known

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