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Concept drawing of my custom battlestar galactica-themed ship. Compared to the Galactica, this is a much smaller vessel with the main focus put on being able to strike unalarmed enemy and retreat b.

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The Russian tanks and armored vehicles showed how Stalin industrialized the country and the military

concept ships: Spaceships by Roc Ho

Concept spaceship art by Roc Ho. Keywords: concept spaceship anime style cel shade illustration design painting art drawing by roc ho s.

concept Viper Mark VIII Like it only the nose cone is not quite right

This Colonial Viper Mk XIII made by ZOIC was never used on the Battlestar Galactica series. Rumors had it as a possible tribe Viper of Kobol.

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Star Wars Incom/Frei-Tek IFST-21 light freighter by AdamKop

Star Wars Incom/Frei-Tek light freighter by AdamKop

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Explore John Gurzick& photos on Photobucket.