Loft Schiavone, Milan, 2011 - Victor Vasilev parte debaixo =boa p/ idosos

Galería de Casa de Opuestos / rzlbd - 4

Galería de Casa de Opuestos / rzlbd - 4

rzlbd is a boutique architectural practice based in toronto founded by Reza Aliabadi. This is the official website of atelier rzlbd and its contents are curated by Reza Aliabadi regularly.

Diseño de escalera. Visto en

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수직으로 분리된 공간을 연결하는 계단, 기능적 역활에서 확장된 건축적 어휘로 이해한다. 기능적인 측면, 동적인 공간과 정적인 공간을 함께 수반한다. 수납을 위한 장소로도 활용 가능하다. Stairs have the surprising ability to determine how a home feels. They’re seen and used often so having a staircase that stands out is a great way to make your house feel unique. Here are 18 examples of sleek, stylish..

18 Examples Of Stair Details To Inspire You // These wood and perforated steel stairs extend out to create a space for a home office.


Unique black and white granite staircase with a piano key like modern design motif at the Research & Sports Hall of Humboldt University / Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten

The Most Exotic Stairs

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Located in the beautiful surroundings of Sondrio on the Orobie Alps at 328 feet above sea level, Casa VI by Italian architect Alfredo Vanotti offers spectacular views of the valley.

life1nmotion: Maison E3 by Natalie Dionne Architecte

Located in the jean-talon market of montreal, canada, quebec-based practice natalie dionne architecte has recently completed 'mason is the central atrium with staircase image © marc cramer

[] Villa Allegra, Miami Beach, by Oppenheim Architecture + Design Chad Oppenheim

Villa Allegra, Miami Beach, by Oppenheim Architecture + Design Chad Oppenheim architecture stair interiors design

Angular spiral stairs - 주식갤러리 주식갤러리 주식갤러리 주식갤러리 주식갤러리 주식갤러리 주식갤러리 주식갤러리 주식갤러리…

Such a small space to fit such detail in - these timber stairs are a work of art CJWHO ™ (Rebuilding of Restauração House by EZZO César.

balcony framed harbour view house exterior reorganization

Brick Bungalow Cottage Restoration Alteration Clarity Form Design Ideas - Home Improvement Inspiration