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Marilyn Monroe by Pablo Lobato

30 Pictogramas de personalidades famosas muy inspiradores

I love this David Cowles "Monroe" print. It's colors aren't subdued enough to make it fall into the shapes of the image, and the print itself is simple and fun!

Anderson Mahanski: Madonna Classic

Anderson Mahanski does amazing Disney-style work in line and color. Lots of pop culture references as well.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Pen Strokes! Would you believe if I said this was one continuos pen stroke? Neither would I, but it sure is a masterpiece of pen art.

Pen Stroke Faces: Famous Movie Stars Epically Drawn

Malaysian artist Vince Low sure knows how to make great scribbles. With his series, Low has created celebrity portraits made of swirling lines, which at first you would think are just ordinary and playful doodlings.