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Suho can afford anything if it's for his children.

Suho Oppa...Ahjumma

Suho Oppa...Ahjumma

All give their winks, but then we have Baekhyun

GIF - EXO Winks WARNING: May die from fangirlness. This episode of showtime had me cracking up lol

Cracks me up everytime! Lay:"You don't remember you're our leader?? Chincha?!?

EXO's Showtime : Lay judging so hard

I am Suho...

No wonder the Suho mother lost her children in the first place, she was on the…

I must look out if I ever get a signature from him -.-;

I dunno about others but I sure as hell want that damn heart on anything Suho signs!

There are no words. | Kris Wu Yifan | Chanyeol | Exo 2014

soz for the swears

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HAHAHA thanks exo's showtime! Sehun Yehet. Baekhyun Kkaepsong. Kris Not my style.

EXO Showtime taught us this: happy is "yehet," regretted is "kkaebsong," and dislike is "not my style.

Krisyeol! ahahaha Chanyeol's ears and smile make me happy

I love Chanyeol~ xD