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Mini relatos hechos de cualquier personaje de anime, si tienes algún … #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

One Shots (Anime y Tú)

Since you like Killua and AUs, I took the liberty of drawing fanart of the famous Wasteland Verse design by inkbits. I apologize for the.

ADOPTED Haru is very gentle. He tries to make others feel comforted and at ease. He's very calm and is always there for anyone who needs him.

He looks older than he really is . He loves animal and he is extremely flirty . He is great with kids and good with school ----> Actually, this is Hope Estheim ouo

Tumblr n8pr33PpCJ1slpxhzo1 500 connor ryoji - Yakuza Mob roleplay…

It looks like Ayato-Kun from diabolik lovers but is from Akashi Seijuurou kuroko no basket

Free! ~~ Headphones :: Haruka Nanase

Who would be your Iwatobi Swim Club Man?