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Two German soldiers, one dead and the other seriously wounded, are photographed by Allied forces during Operation Plunder, the crossing of the Rhine River and south of the Lippe River, advancing into Germany. Near Rees, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. 26 March 1945.

BU Crossing the Rhine 24 March Two young German soldiers one injured the other dead. As they advanced into Germany the Allied soldiers were constantly surprised at the extreme youth of the enemy forces

Rudolf Höss, commandant of Auschwitz, after he was treated to some of the medicine the SS delivered to their millions of victims. Rudolf Höss was hanged very near one of his gas chambers after his conviction by a Polish war crimes tribunal.

Krakow, Poland, Postwar, Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Höß, the commandent of…

A frozen Soviet fighter propped up by Finnish soldiers to wreak psychological warfare on the invading Soviets.

Finnish defenders sometimes took fallen, frozen Russian soldiers and posed them upright as psychological warfare.Body of frozen Soviet soldier propped up by Finnish fighters to intimidate Soviet troops, 1939

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23550384_299541167208697_5355106217082760226_o.jpg (1440×1427)

1945 - Berlin, Germany: A dead German soldier by Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin, Germany, A dead German soldier by Brandenburg Gate. Such a captivating photo