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self harm

Meet The Girl Behind One Of Tumblr's Biggest Self-Harm Blogs

Read "How To Self Harm." If you have ever self harmed, thought about it, picked up a blade and put it back down, read this. It literally brought tears to my eyes. This is brilliance in a true form.

i cried at this- i hate to have to force my self to let the idea of teenage young girls dying every single damned day because of self harm sink in my mind. like, ugh.this is how I feel every single day of my life .

from original pinner: "Living with chronic pain brings on a whole lot of frustration.Having to schedule your life around pain is frustrating; not knowing from day to day if you can do what you need to do is frustrating; having to depend on others for help with simple things is frustrating."

what I love is when you are told that you need to understand there are other things going on with family.you didn't acknowledge birthdays and baby showers.people are so clueless about my life

The truth! But your shoulders can only hold so much for so long.......they're not meant for the weight of the world.

You're afraid to tell people how you feel because it may destroy them so you bury deep inside you & it destroys you!