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"Tell us about this pin..." Well, I'm liking something other than that shock collar, that's for damn sure ;) XD

Read Alcohol Is The Answer (Mark x Anti- Smut) from the story Septiplier/Danti Smut/fluff-shots [REQUESTS OPEN] by Antiseptictrash (αηтιsερтιcтяαsн) with 637 r.

Mark and Anti

I don't ship Septiplier but I absolutely love the fan art with dark and anti

'Beans' is the term i call for smol-yung-youtuber-mascot-jellies. They're pretty much personifications of each Youtubers's well known icons/mascots. //rolls

I& terribly late for this bandwagon hurhur-- Finally- Yeah now y& why i made that Jack n& Mark fusion 10 days ago. Its solely for this purpose. And also,some scenes are removed because i& too.

Anti: You think you're SOOOO smart and handsome and everything. Ya know what!!! Dark: What?! Anti: *wispering* You aaaaare!!

Anti: You think you're SOOOO smart and handsome and everything. Dark: What? Anti: *wispering* You aaaaare!

My feels............ they..........hurt.................  *starts crying*

My feels. *starts crying*<<<*huddles in corner with person* *goes to mark* *hugs him while crying*

New year special - Party kind'a hard by maskman626.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

I love the fan arts where Dark is all sulky and emo and Anti is really hyper and energetic.

~You are my Sunshine,Sam...~ Gahhh!!! The feels...( TДT) Septiceye Sam and Tiny box Tim!

~You are my Sunshine,Sam.( TДT) Septiceye Sam and Tiny box Tim! - Click the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach bikinis!

TBT x SES pt.1 by FloatingMegane-san

Human SES x Human TBT by FloatingMegane-san on DeviantArt >>> tell me I'm not the only one that read Tim in the voice Mark gave him XD<--- you're not XDDD

Narkiplier HackSepticEye SMOKE by cartoonjunkie

BTW folks, the Narkiplier and HackSepticEye AU/concept is a lot like the movie PointBreak, so if you intend to write some fan fics use that as an example ;