lighting diagrams for hair photography | Lighting setup diagram for photo shoot with photo model in studio ...

Lighting Setup - hair model photo shoot I One of the first test shots from a session with a Swedish model. The client wanted to show their hair styling products and tools, so I set up for a very white and soft light with light shadows.


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Thank you for sharing this beautiful BTS with us You can find the great final cover on IG page! Repost with Emily Maitliss Behind the scenes from our shoot. on the cover of styled by Added by us: by famousbtsmagazine


Setup for the Crown Royal shot. please excuse the messy basement. It really is cleaner than it looks in this image.

Portrait photo and lighting setup with Strobe, Softbox and Strip Softbox by Martin Wilmsen (1/125, 2, ISO: 100)

Lighting Setup RJ Character I 2 portalites (Ranger RX) left and right behind, gridded stripbox horizontally above camera (Elinchrom BXRi gridded reflector on the background (Quadra).