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I usually don't like blue eyes on horses but this one is beautiful. The blue is really pretty when the fur around the eye is not white but a darker color

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>(The wild roam free because they don't compromise their differentiality; They don't accept being average.

Badger face paint mare

"Sunwendyrain: most beautiful badger face paint horse." I love the reverse-blaze look of badger faced horses. I think sabino is responsible for the white markings. Either a flaxen chestnut or a dark palomino, though I'm leaning more towards flaxen.

The color of this horse is amazing! He looks like chocolate!

Horse - Gavilan xxx , a beautiful Andalusian PRE stallion with an incredible beautiful trot

Gorgeous Palamino

I just pinned this and realized it said "gorgeous palamino" I would like to state that is in fact a chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail.

Mare and foal nuzzling. They look so much alike it is hard to see where Mom's face ends and baby's face begins. Adorable.

Foal is mix of 4 Quarters= American Paint Horse, Pinto, Gypsy Vanner, Indian Horse

Black Friesian broodmare and foal

Friesian black horse stallion dressage baroque, mare and foal, gorgeous horse running in their pasture, field, black beauty.

Strength Brown Horse

cc The sun really brought out the gorgeous, rich copper tone in this rearing Arabian horse! That is a really beautiful Arab horse ,love the copper colour


I love horses and have never been horse back riding. I did a book report on horses when I was in elementary school and have loved horses ever since.

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