They just share clothes because you know what, some days, you just don't feel like doing your laundry so you wear your big brothers clothes. Your big brother always comes to the rescue.<<< it's not the same clothes

SPN 2nd Generation headcanon

supernatural, sabriel, destiel, lucifer,<< I dont ship but HOT DAWM IM BURNING. I cant tell if I'm In Hell or on the ceiling

Hmmm *cough cough* cockles

it’s a cute habit that’s what it is ((and before anyone starts stuff this is def a friendship thing to do. my best friend of ten years and i do this to each other all the time. so chill. they’re just bros))

Fan Fiction had it right;)

He probably just didn't wanna intrude on their relationship and respect their privacy but idk


i love that Mark and Misha just know, and are just as clueless as Sam and Dean. it would be the best Meta episode ever! "Does anybody translate British?