Can we be done with the pout already?

Can we be done with the pout already? pose gesture reference female gesture back arms feminine

Faces  |  Hattie Watson – Art T

Readhead - Big collection of facial expressions of a woman / Girl: laughing, sadness, anger. - Head and Face Study - Great Drawing Reference for Mangas and Comics

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What’s In a Smile? Facial Expressions in Different Cultures -

Christina Ricci... love her hair. This is kind of what I've been wanting.

Beyonce celebrity beyonce music artist celebrities Christina Ricci Jennifer Lawrence love her bohemian style!

Canny by Lee Perry-Smith (Kinda creepy, but helpful to see the different lighting.)

lighting reference Also, compile photos of friends/family as personal reference for structure/color/texture (this is really scary but probably helpful too so yeah)

Blouse+Skirt Pack - Standing 1 by kuroitsuki-stock on deviantART

^^ The lighting on these isn& great, but it& a whole lot better than my 5 other attempts in scraps! This was taken on a cloudy day, so some of the pic.

Keslina 30 Facial Expressions Stock Comm Use OK by ArtReferenceSource on DeviantArt

Elena is a young, very beautiful, and slightly androgynous model. Expect to see more of her in my art reference collection. Elena 30 Facial Expressions Stock Comm Use OK