Hahaha!!! I laughed so hard this entire episode and especially during this scene!

Their faces! << SHerlock's is the face I give whenever someone says their wedding "is the most important day of their lives"

I can never not repin this scene

After John punched Sherlock. John:geez I think his cheekbone cut me Sherlock:I'm dying

This may be my favorite Watson moment. Ever.

John had bad days. I want Stan Lee to make a Sherlock bad days! seen 'bad days' look them up! so funny!(basically superheros have bad days too!

Sherlock Holmes, a funny guy lol nerdtastic  just fine entertainment and superb talent engagedbfor these fabulous scripts!!                                                                                                                                                     More

It's a brilliant conversation starter, I do believe I have used it before - not because Sherlock did, but because it's all I could think to say. I'm not exactly great at small talk…haha <-- pretty sure this is a sheldon cooper quote actually

Ahahaha!! This expression cracked me up as I scrolled past! Couldn't leave it without adding it to my board...

The unconformable expression on Sherlock's face when he puts on the ear hat is literally keeping me going in life.<< it's a deer stalker hat, but now recognised as a Sherlock hat

This is perfection. (Even though Sherlock was doing it to protect John and himself, so they could get away together, it still is pretty hilarious)

Sherlock doesn't understand the concept "I'd like to say the gun is not my idea! Hostage is good too.">> srry i dont want to mix fandoms but not rly that sorry. This reminded me of page But sherlock doesnt kill his best friend.

Seriously I can't stop laughing!!!

In a Sign of Four they literally were looking for a dwarf because he would have to be small enough to go through the window and such. <<<< *sign of THREE, and it was a joke about the dwarf?

Wenn Blicke töten könnten...

Sherlock's all "You should've totally seen your face!" and John's all "You should totally see my face now do I look like I'm laughing?"=> that's the face right before john kills him.

I love Moriarty

Love Andrew Scott as Moriarty << is no one going to mention that the Supernatural fandom strikes AGAIN with a perfect gif?<<< We have s gif for everything.

It say " I don't understand'(front) " I still don't understand"(back)

He has the shirt. He has it and he's wearing it. I want that shirt. That one that he's wearing. not one like it, I want the one he is wearing right now.

I think I'm becoming mentally addicted to Sherlock.....

Best Sherlock lines- bet it is hard for Ben to keep a straight face during some of his lines though ;) My favourite is "blanket"