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The twentieth century Soviet space program will always be remembered as one of the greatest in the world. And these posters reveal that it also came with one of the world's most beautifully-designed propaganda campaigns, too.

"Proletarian woman - concur avionics technology, enroll in schools and colleges of civil air fleet! " USSR poster Бри-Бейн Мария Феликсовна 1931

Russian poster, Proletarian woman, master the aeronautical engineering - Classic poster

I didn't know whether to put this pin here, for the Soviet-era graphic design, or under my "Funny Things" board!

If Jaden Smith Tweets Were Soviet Propaganda Posters

Leader of the Great October Revolution and Lenin art poster Print Waterproof Canvas Fabric Wall Decor inch

Russian Poster

Communists must always go into the why's and wherefore's of anything, use their own heads and carefully think over whether or not it corresponds to.

Going to set up a place to take photos with my web cam to edit in backgrounds so people can make their own propaganda posters

Vintage illustration: The Republic of Social Soviet, Union for Country and Urban Worker

Русский плакат 1925-1932 годы (66 работ)

On the the anniversary of the Russian October Revolution RBTH presents a selection of Soviet propaganda posters created by Russian artist Dmitry Moor

North Vietnamese women were enlisted and fought in the combat zone and provided manual labor to keep the Ho Chi Minh trail open. They also worked in the rice fields in North Vietnam and Viet Cong-held farming areas in South Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region to provide food for their families and the communist war effort.  #Propaganda #Poster available in S&L sizes.

Not only did the United States ravage Vietnam with unprecedented and murderous ferocity, committing war crimes in nearly every village, but this criminal conduct was official government policy.

(641) Inoreader - Курсантки Омского военно-медицинского училища им. Щорса

(641) Inoreader - Курсантки Омского военно-медицинского училища им. Щорса