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fma memes - Google Search >> Aww poor Al, he didn't deserve this

Alphonse dosen't have a body, so by default you are calling him ugly you are a horrible person, do you know what he went through

fma memes - Google Search

funny motivation for fullmetal alchemist (i know this has been done before but i need it for a website, i need a url code.) screw you science:fullmetal alchemist style

Best description ever!! XD

"There's a big penis and a little penis taunting a closeted gay guy" – my sister

For a minute I read that as "I spit out my blood" and I was like??? Are you okay Izumi??

There will come a day when I stop finding this funny. Today is not that day // Fullmetal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul

I absolutely hate when teachers do this, especially when all of your teachers do it on the same day.

One thing at my High School i had a problem with was teachers giving out WAAAAY too much homework and all due on a ridiculous day of the week. Teachers Be Like