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Durarara. Izaya's kind of a psychopath with a god complex but he's my favorite character. Huh

Actually, a fear of falling is one of the fears that all humans are born with, the other being loud noises<----True except i kinda like loud noises

Orihara Izaya | Durarara! I love the angle of the last picture!!!! It's super interesting!!

That´s my life motto , Izaya we are the same kind of people (wohahahaha) - Orihara Izaya

cool fanart *O*

"The world is upside down"Mikado , Izaya - Durarara


Felt funny when your friend tell you the lie that you know the truth

Durarara: Izaya

Durarara: Izaya Dance from one side to the other, you're bipolar, spin in a circle. You're a witch burn her bleghh stupid society.

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Tokyo Ghoul Quote We might be monsters, but that doesn't mean we don't have a heart