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Honestly, as an introvert, I did. This is a great piece of character development showing his outright hatred for authority and everyone here, which is such a contrast to when he see him in the main series timeline.

My 2 favourite things, Animal Crossing and OHSHC

Ouran High School Host Club meets Animal Crossing - I read every speech bubble in their designated voices.

nobody wants to do the dished

Attack on Titan ~~ Wanna bet Eren and Jean are playing a cutthroat game of G- Fish? :: [ Dammit Eren, don't abuse your power! Drawn By Skirtzzz ]

they just had to make the half-marco joke *sigh* but in a way still---yes. Marco is seriously the most under-rated character in this show. -p.a.

Was that a fucking half joke because I swear to the walls- I Attack on Titan , Marco Bodt