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The artist behind these creative and colorful floral illustrations below is freelance illustrator and designer Daryl Feril. His creations are full of intricate detailed patterns, gorgeous colors and great shading techniques.


A series of mixed media illustrations of designer brand logos done with graphite & watercolor in paper and digital enhancement.The designs aim to illustrate and create a very feminine mood yet still conserve the sophistication and identity of each brands…

A new set of Brands in Bloom, a personal project that I started in 2012 illustrating luxury brand logos creating a feminine mood yet still embodying its identity and aesthetics - with floral themes and watercolour splashes and textures I wanted to make it…

Brands in full bloomBased in Philippines, Daryl Feril is an independent designer & illustrator who uses both traditional and digital media techniques in his work combining rough hand-drawn sketches.

Hermes Ad Campaigns Through the Ages - Page 8 - PurseForum

Hermes Ad Campaigns - carré 'Cheval surprise' by Dimitri Rybaltchenko


Hermes: Yak Saddles!

I like how the objects are places and in a different environment, again targeting a different audience.

Pink With Yellow, color block with mirror in the middle- need to figure out logistics if this would work

Mirror Sculptures to Make You Look and Look Again

Tumble into the abyss with artist Sarah Meyohas' endlessly reflexive mirror sculptures

◢◢◢ † AEROSYN-LEX † ◣◣◣

Aerosyn-Lex is an award-winning multi-disciplinary artist whose work has been exhibited at The MoMA, The White House, Art Basel and beyond.

Sydney dance comp

Spheres - circles - dots - orbs and spots used in design Melissa Baillache – Dance Noir: Mirror Ball. Invitation for Sydney Dance Company's annual fundraising ball