Dean Killing an Angel

Sam Winchesters’ Journal - Entry reached the bunker after a car trip where almost no words were exchanged. It’s not as if Dean had been particularly chatty in the last couple of months anyway. And Castiel…well poor Cas remained

Castiel in fire

I did this picture of Castiel last year Dec. for CE's fanbook. Now I think I feel confusion like Castiel do, so I want to upload this here. BTW, Castiel in fire

From 'Journal of A Man of Letters'; Illustrator: Petite-Madame [CLICK for corresponding fic)

Sam Winchester’s Journal Entry As the sky is getting brighter and angels are crashing down like bombs in the woods all around us, Dean and I can’t help but think about Castiel. Art and Text by Petite-Madame

the angel of the lord by *LindaMarieAnson on deviantART Supernatural

Gabriel by

Angel Gabriel Fan Art credits to the owner her/his signature is on the bottom of the left side of this photo ^_^

Castiel: so young , so brazen , so unholy i come to you in painted skies #spn

mishangeles: so young , so brazen , so unholyi come to you in painted skies castiel graphics challengemishangeles vs salesassociatesteveprompt: alice in chains - last of my kind

The best show on earth.

The stakes are higher than ever on "Supernatural," so where do all the fan-favorite characters stand on a scale from the divine to the damned? Check out handy character affiliation infographic here .