Harry Styles.......i love him.........harold.. will u marry me? when i like turn ya know 18 and its legal........... yep i love you my babe harooolllldddddddd

Edgy image: Harry Styles and Zayn Malik embrace their inner rock gods in old school outfits

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The moment when the whole fandom about had a heart attack. <<< OW! You're giving me a heart attack!

omg i remember when this happened and i almost had a heart attack because i thought he was gonna fall.

Beautiful Harry Styles♡

harrehmadness: “Leanne_Tunney: What a well-mannered young man. Lovely to meet you and your pal today! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Hahahaha >>backstage with McBusted

Dat face doe>>>I love seeing him like this like smiling and happy, seeing any of the boys smiling and happy just makes me feel good.