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"I swear to god, I will throw my fucking shoe at you if you don't shu… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad


mine panic! at the disco brendon urie patd dallon weekes Bored at work kenneth harris this video is a gold mine for gifs

Pete and Patrick

Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz of Fall out Boy!I'm like a total Fall out Boy fan.There music is like so AWESOME!

Harry and Louis http://24.media.tumblr.com/e8b64cc0c30d8e1d88ed8ccbef505edf/tumblr_mtaywwJjRc1sa8q2ao1_500.gif

Louis is so funny just- ugh. Y'all he's gonna be my husband.> okay then I might meet you cause I'm Niall's future husband

The fear of falling apart never bothered me anyway

And Anna, even tho luv is an open door, haven't you ever heard of closing the gosh darn door.

Peterick, Andy Biersack and Ashley Purdy, Vic Fuentes, and Jamie Preciado, Kellic, Austin Carlile and Alan Ashby, Oliver Sykes and possibly Josh Franceschi (?), Frerard, Jalex, and Ryden

They're all just being mildly cute with a hug or a nice kiss on the cheek. And then there's Frerard.