Mark Gatiss everybody.

I love how he already knows he is a killer.

on Sherlock series 3.  Well, at least it's  better than killing one and make the other sulk to death, but that was Arthur Conan Doyle's  idea... -_-'

You rat bastard you probably did say that. And Moffat said "No, it's better if you do it one at a time." <~~~ "SLOWLY, so they remember them every time they here their name"

Mark Gatiss, killing people since childhood. <--This is so funny! This is why I <3 Mark Gatiss

Mark Gatiss has been killing his characters for as long as Sherlock has been solving crimes. --> X) Oh Gatiss.

Same thing.

i thought they were kidding about that little picture there and how it translates to "i jumped off a roof and i'm not dead, surprise" but i just put it into translate and that is actually what it translates to!

They actually plan it out.

"Let Mary do it!" Mark Gatiss is pure Evil. He's stroking his chin like the bad-guys do in the movies!