The true way to find Bokuto. So cute❤️ // Haikyuu!!

So cute❤️ // Haikyuu!

Yeah also i completly agree with the bokuaka

Right, I DON'T ship kuroken but this is great

Haikyuu - school cheers

😂😂😂 my team has something super stupid, like I don't even wanna say it XD

Awesome! :)

Suga be like the mama bear of the team. Team mom, team mom, team mom, team Off reference<<*slides in* did someone say Free! yES TEAM MOM TEAM MOM TEAM MOM (also yes hello this post was wonderful yay Haikyuu)

It would have gone so much better if he did it that way.

He probably wouldn't do that tho. He thinks the only strong person at Alba Josai was Oikawa