Dwarf Warrior/Anão Guerreiro

Dwarf Warrior/Anão Guerreiro ~ Reminds me of Tolkien's description of the dwarf warriors from the Hobbit.

AVENTURAS EN LA MARCA DEL ESTE: El ladrón ya terminado

The Four Fingers; a guild for thieves, thrill seekers and craftsmen in Casavir. Their premises in Casavir is the House of Keys in the Guild District. Their doyen, also known as the Padfoot, is the elven female Ladonna.

Worm that walk

thetygre: “ I’ve talked about Worms that Walk before. Worms that Walk are swarms of worms acting as the hivemind for the soul, intellect, and will of a deceased mage.

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m Barbarian Slaver Whip in contact w Pirates coastal jungle steppe desert forest hills Beast Hunter by Adrian Wilkins on ArtStation.

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