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Most of my fave book characters die: Newt & Teresa (The Maze Runner), Tris (Divergent), Prim & Finnick (The Hunger Games), Thorin & Kili (The Hobbit).

This is why I love books more than movies. We get to make it our own and aren't subjected to whatever someone else sees it as.

I always thought it would be cool to be able to have a device that projects thoughts on a screen and then all us book nerds could compare our imaginings.

Book Recommendations Galore From Segullah

Book Recommendations Galore From Segullah (Segullah)

This needs to be a thing! dance with dragons during Jon Snow's list chapter of the book. our maybe Allegiant when Roth was a soulless writer and took someone we'd spent three books loving. book award shows!

I know, right

The Fault in Our Stars, The Death Cure, The City of Heavenly Fire, Mockingjay, Allegiant. (That boy reminds me of Nico Di Angelo <--- His freaking name is Hiro Hamada from Big Hero

Yeah. *hem* Percy Jackson. <<This was because they only had like two scenes actually from the book and they were modified, basically ruining their chances of anyone's favourite scene being in it

Or the book in general wasn't in the movie. *cough**cough**Percy Jackson**cough*<<< oh my YESSSSSSHHHHHHHH<<<< Divergent. soo many scenes from divergent

I do this. <-- But then I write the storyline down onto my mobile and start writing the next day :)

The is literally the thing I do every single night before I go to sleep. --> I'm not sure I can fall asleep without doing that anymore.>>> I have found my people


this made me laugh ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ or basically any other book I've read when main characters die