Well there isn't rainbows in the deep pit! And why does no one care about Annabeth I mean Grover and Annabeth knew each other for a long time << yeah. But that Persassy~!

Idgaf Jason is BETTER.  I hate when ppl r like "has jason even did this" or whatever like who gaf? I dont

Even people who aren't in the fandom are freaking team percy that's how strong percabeth is Really? I didn't even know Team Jason existed. That's how much team Percy I am.

I LITERALLY DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

This was too funny not to post! this must happen. Rick Riordan, hear me! Whoever made this hilarious prank up should be honored. Include this SOMEWHERE in your writing!<<<< I AGREE, PLEASE, UNCLE RICK! I laughed for too long at this!

Honestly I thought they were talking about The Vampire Diaries and I was like Katherine would never date Tom…she would rather kill him tf

"And Percy wins 'Best Boyfriend' Award for the time in a row"- Leo


Percy know's what's up. Although I did expect one of those answers that would make Piper fangirl and Leo add another point to the "Reasons why Percy is a better boyfriend than you" tally Percabeth Jasper Frazel Caleo


Okay, in normal circumstances, 10 kids is way too many, but when it comes to the rankings of Percabeth love, it's like not even enough. you think percabeth love is a

Girl on fire is Leo Valdez's Jam. Oh yesss

Leo is on fire. He's walking on fire. This girl is on fire.

NEVER. AND JUST FOR THE RECORD, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE OCTAVIAN EITHER. However, I will say, that I wanted him to die, but I never wanted him to die like that.----I never thought Silena as a bad guy

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you just can't like the man who was a douche I THE sally Jackson. I mean she is easily the most badass mother in the series.<<< We can't forgive Octavian for killing my pillow pet ~Percy