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Harry Potter Facts To get into the Ministry of Magic via the visitors entrance, you must dial in the code On a telephone, this would spell out the word "Magic". I just realized this while I was reading.

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Harry Potter Facts The Great Hall set is large enough to hold 22 London double-decker buses. Its tables are covered with graffiti that the cast has added over the years, and its floor is made of real York stone.

2 worlds

Harry Potter Facts Harry's place in between life and death was King's Cross Station because Harry would "associate it with moving between two worlds".

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Harry Potter Facts J. Rowling had Molly Weasley kill Bellatrix Lestrange to show the strength of motherly love against obsessive love.

That's actually why they only showed his upper body, he was stumbling because he hadn't had enough lessons.

Harry Potter Facts The actors had around 3 weeks of dance lessons prior to the Yule Ball, with the exception of Daniel Radcliffe, who only had 4 days.

Harry Potter Facts The Black Family

Harry Potter Fact: Rowling gave over 70 names for the Black Family tree tapestry. Each and every single one is complete with the details of relation, and who was to be scorched and so on