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Harry Potter Facts To get into the Ministry of Magic via the visitors entrance, you must dial in the code On a telephone, this would spell out the word "Magic". I just realized this while I was reading.

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Harry Potter Fact 001 The original snitch used in early games of Quidditch was really a fat bird called a Snidget. When some wizards thought this was too cruel, the wizard Boman Wright invented the Golden Snitch

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So true! Twilight “werewolves” are not werewolves! Stephanie Meyer has said herself! Those are shape shifters. There is an older tribe called the children of the moon that are real werewolves.

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Harry Potter Facts Sirius Black's tattoos are borrowed from Russian prison gangs. The markings identify the person as someone to be feared and respected.


Harry Potter Facts - harry-potter I dont know why this made me laugh so hard as it did. Emma Watson did a Jennifer Lawrence. Wait Goblet of Fire came first so. Jen did an Emma!

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Harry Potter Facts There is a note in the end credits of Goblet of Fire that reads: "No dragons were harmed in the making of this movie.

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These 42 'Harry Potter' facts show the magic of both the book and movie series.


Harry Potter Facts Rupert Grint's souvenir from the set was the Number 4 Privet Drive sign.

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Harry Potter Facts 250 paintings were created for the staircase at Hogwarts.

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IMDB only counts three... Richard Bremmer (1), Christian Coulson (as Tom Marvolo Riddle), Ralph Fiennes (4, 5, and both 7).

No, only one actor played Voldemort. Ralph Fiennes played the role of Voldy, but maybe he had a stand in or a body double.

I wonder if that was planned. Hmm...

HP facts I feel obligated to post all things Slytherin now. I never imagined being Slytherin. Sorry not sorry for the Slytherin overload


Harry Potter Fact: 40 versions of Salazar Slytherin's locket had to be created to accommodate Rupert and Dan's failed attempts to destroy it