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Anacamptis longicornu . E 'with Anacamptis papilionacea the most common orchid in Sardinia. It blooms from late February to mid-June. He lives in many habitats from sea level up to 1200 meters high, in the pine forests near the sea, in pastures and vacant lots, wooded areas exposed to light (clearings, scrubland, margins of trails), the Mediterranean, the roadsides (ditches and embankments).

Island Nature: Orchids Sardinia, the common species: Anacamptis Longicornu. Blooms from late February to mid June.

Paphiopedilum Gene Hausermann 'Andrew' (Adam Hausermann x Vintner's Treasure)

Orchid.   ("Bulbophyllum plumatum.")  In the orchid family, per Chrome research.)

Bulbophyllum plumatum, an unusual member of the orchid family found in Sumatra and the Philippines at elevations around 1000 meters.

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70+ Beautiful Purple Flowers (Care & Growing Tips)

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