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Pinner says ==> HUMMINGBIRD MOTH These curious moths love the Four O'Clocks that bloom just outside my kitchen all summer long. Shown feeding on Jupiter's Beard flowers - Centranthus ruber

White lined Sphinx Moth. I saw one of these buzzing and flying around once.

White lined Sphinx Moth. Other local nicknames are: Hawk Moth, Hummingbird Moth.

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*COMET or MOON MOTH ~ (Argema mittrei) Taken at the Natural History Museum butterfly exhibition Explored June

Pink Spotted Hawk Moth.

Actually this is not a Pink Stiped HummingBird moth. It is commonly mistaken, but it is really a Hawk Moth

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Garden Tiger Moth - ladies chiffon blouse, blue blouses for ladies, white blouse with sleeves *ad

WILDLIFE, what a treasure !

WILDLIFE, what a treasure !

❤ it . . . nature patch moth (Urbanus proteus)

nature patch moth "Nature path" is our little nickname for the tiny spot of land that "belongs to no one". I found this colorful moth sitting back there, enjoying the sun. He's missing part of his wing but is still a pretty little thing.

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Beautiful butterfly -- Painted Lady Butterfly Photograph by David and Carol Kelly - Painted Lady Butterfly Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Butterflies: Borboleta pintada #butterfly, by Bruno Sousa.

Butterflies: Borboleta pintada #butterfly, by Bruno Sousa.

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Unusual butterflies...

Hawk Moth (family Sphingidae), also called sphinx moth or hummingbird moth, any of a group of sleek-looking moths (order Lepidoptera) that are named for their hovering, swift flight patterns.

Majestic butterfly

Majestic butterfly

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