At top, the Soyuz that we flew here and will fly home in May. Below, the Progress that undocked and burnt up. @Cmdr_Hadfield

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Soyuz spacecraft and Cosmos spacecraft docked to the International Space Station

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle

If there's intelligent life within 100 light years of our planet, it's likely they've already gotten an earful (or antennae-ful, or whatever analogous organ-ful) of our radio and TV shows, which have been leaking into space since we first started broadcasting them. Scientists have also sent messages, images and even phonograph records into space in order to show E.T. that humanity isn't just about 'The Lone Ranger' and 'I Love Lucy.'

Message Infographic Humans have sent out messages. Where are those messages now?

Curiosity self portrait of a mosaic of images

A mosaic of images from the Curiosity rovers Mars Hand Lens Imager shows the rovers camera mast and deck. The pictures were taken on Oct. 31 during operations at a Martian sampling site known as Rocknest.

Stunning Space Walk

The International Space Station (ISS) is a habitable artificial satellite in low Earth orbit. Astronauts Robert L. Curbeam (USA) and Christer Fuglesang (Sweden) work to attach a new truss segment to the ISS and begin to upgrade the power grid.

Space Shuttle last departure from Florida Breathtaking Photography.   I once saw the shuttle piggyback a 747 ...... what a treat !

Late Night Randomness (25 Photos)

Space Shuttle - Endeavor's last departure from Cape Canaveral, Florida ~ Sept.