At top, the Soyuz that we flew here and will fly home in May. Below, the Progress that undocked and burnt up. @Cmdr_Hadfield

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At the top, the Soyuz that the astronauts fly to & from the ISS Space Station. At the bottom, the Progress that undocked & burnt up.

Shuttle Endeavour docked with the International Space Station.

Shuttle Endeavour docked with the International Space Station. Also in the pic a pair of docked Soyuz/Progres Vehicles

NASA Gemini mission. Duration 1961-1966 Goals: Long-duration spaceflight; rendezvous and docking; extra-vehicular activity; targeted re-entry and Earth landing. Achieved: Eight-day flight necessary for Apollo; 14-day endurance flight; first American spacewalk; first rendezvous; first docking; demonstrated ability to work in EVA without tiring

NASA Gemini Mission Photos

Astronaut Andrew Feustel re-enters the space station after completing an eight-hour spacewalk on 22 May Photograph: ISS/NASA

In pictures: Lonely planets, charred Soyuz and Martian tracks

Space shuttle Endeavour astronaut Andrew Feustel inside the hatch of the Qwest airlock during the first spacewalk of the mission in this NASA photo taken May 2011

NASA-Weltraumteleskop ortet mysteriöses Röntgensignal in fernen Galaxienhaufen und Galaxien  Abb.: NASA

Mysterious Stars Surround Andromeda's Black Hole - Credit: © 2002 R. Gendler, Photo by R. GendlerThe Andromeda Galaxy photographed with a telescope by amateur astronomer Robert Gendler. How beautiful.

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Stephen Robinson riding the robotic arm during doing a first in-flight repair of the Space Shuttle.(Landmass in the backdrop is the Bari region of Somalia).

This just amazes me

(April Astronaut Charles M., Lunar Module pilot of the Apollo 16 mission, is photographed collecting lunar samples at Station no. 1 during the first Apollo 16 extravehicular activity at the Descartes landing site.

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Apollo 9 was the third manned mission in the United States Apollo space program and the first flight of the Command/Service Module (CSM) with the Lunar Module (LM). Its three-person crew, consisting of Commander James McDivitt, Command Module Pilot David