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untitled.jpg 600×645 pikseli

Sci-Fi Painting scanned from Paper Tiger’s “The Flights of Icarus” this time an untitled piece from another British Artist Angus Mckie

Ed Valigursky, 1958.

madddscience: “ Ed Valigursky. For sentient Venusian robots, they sure are bad at picking a friendly-looking member of their race as a diplomat.

70s Sci-Fi Art

The trick is not to mind that we're all just still-warm worm food. Bring back optimistic sci-fi.

Anyone know the artist/title?

and - cartoon, music, pop-culture, toy, videogame and other imagery from or inspired by the and and ninjas

Al Willamson .....Flash Gordon Comic Art

oldschoolsciencefiction: “Al Williamson’s “Flash Gordon” ”

klaus burgle orb - Google Search

For me this piece of sci fi art remains the best overall rendition of Robert A. Heinlein's written description of the powered armor suits worn by his Mobile Infantry from Starship Troopers the novel.