The Great 1952 Space Program That Almost Was - The first stage would be powered by fifty-one rocket engines, developing a total thrust of 14,000 tons. The third, manned, stage was in reality a winged aircraft with a crew of ten (some of whom, the authors pointed out, would be women) and capable of carrying a useful payload of up to 36 tons (compared with the present-day shuttle’s 24 ton capacity).

The Great 1952 Space Program That Almost Was

A lovely Rolf Klep illustration from the classic 1952 space speculation book Across The Space Frontier. I do hope they put the side of the ship back on before takeoff…

ed emshwiller - the magazine of fantasy and science fiction, april 1953

The Illustration Exchange - The Collection of Doug Ellis and Deb Fulton/Ed Emshwiller - The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction April 1953 ("Beggars All" by J.

flight-time: By Ralph McQuarrie

flight-time: By Ralph McQuarrie - logangaiarpg