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Kindest Chef on Earth

Basically I just want to draw Lance in unifoRM ;


Cute Kittens Posing as Sexy Pin-up Girls

I feel like pidge and hunk have sleepovers where they just talk about other peapole relationships and laugh 'till morning

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chapticker said: I hc Hunk as being super stressed out all the time, and he bakes a lot because of it. I also hc him as having bake sales when he was younger.

Pidge and Hunk by Autumn-Sacura on DeviantArt

Pidge and Hunk cooking together from Voltron Legendary Defender

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barely hanging in there ☆ ☆ creds to artist ☆ ☆ taggies: ✨

#voltron, #voltronlegendarydefender

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Keith wishes for a lot of things and Lance IS NOT one of them.

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