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Married to my soulmate❤️never go to social media apps to date. They are havens for psychopaths.

The best feeling in the world is being with someone who wants you as much as you want them. I hope to feel it. Thought I was feeling it this weekend but now I'm not sure.

Got that?

the people that are quick to walk away are the ones who never intended to stay. When dating always try to remember this fact.

It's not like your boyfriend would allow it anyway

This is just sad. "I want to say I miss you. But it wouldn't change a thing so ill just keep on pretending i dont.

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Image result for quotes when you realize your father could care less

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I wouldnt hurt you the way you hurt me Briana. Even if you deserved it. Cause when I said " I love you!" I truly meant it. And the sad part is, even though you hurt me, I still love you.

Don't underestimate me. I know more than i say, think more than i speak, & notice more than you realize.

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Oh man.how true and how I'd love to slap her in the face with all the things I know about her when she throws things in our face!

Two things you will never have to chase. if someone voluntarily walks away, let them go. You only make yourself look pathetic trying to chase them.

hplyrikz:  I can relate to this

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He doesn't know I like him and it hurts so much to hide it but if he finds out he may never talk to me again, because we're best friends and it would complicate things too much

Between Sisters Between Friends: Strong Woman

Between Sisters Between Friends: Strong Woman There are times when people know that that silence speaks volumes

Why do I miss someone I never really knew? I suppose I miss the warmth of his brown eyes or the way I felt when in his presence. I know I will never forget him. It is impossible to forget the feeling of wanting someone you can never have. My muse.


Your an ugly lying whore who can't figure out why she feels so ugly and dirtie. Of course you destroy lives! You are nothing but the ugy as you beset.

Yes, when you flirt and are in a committed relationship, its disrespectful to your partner! Also shows a lack of interest in your partner!hmm.  he does one of those consistently, and one when she begs him to change.

All things you lacked in the end. you just lost respect for me when life got better for you. you made me feel I was only worthy of your love when you had nothing, because as soon as the tables turned in your favour, you turned it off in mine.