Tattoosday (A Tattoo Blog): Devon's First Panel (at the NYC Tattoo Convention)

As we continue to recap some of my favorite tattoos that I spotted at the NYC Tattoo Convention , let's take a look at this piece on Devon: .

Tattoo Artist - Dzikson Wildstyle |

Photo realistic black and grey skull tattoo Dzikson WildStyle Makarov I im a sucker for photorealism

I wish I had one like that

my boyfriends new joker tattoo, the start of a big piece that's gonna be awesome! done by richard beston aka bez at triplesix studios in sunderland. the joker tattoo

Skull tattoo by Chris Rigoni

Awesome black and grey realistic tattoo style of Skull motive done by artist Chris Rigoni

phoenix tattoo - blue, with blue-green flames moving over it, the wings are asymmetrical, the tip of the right one curls over his shoulder and ends in a single feather on his neck