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Who knew ugly people could make a person sooo happy??

Who knew ugly people could make a person sooo happy? Oh yeah he seems ECSTATIC ! Wait till he gets BORED and you're both scraping the bowl .

Seriously ONE PERSON comes to mind!!!! Drunken slut!!!!!!

you are a drunken whore who has no moral compass. Your moral compass is ALL OVER THE PLACE! Then post quotes how you don't do that? You are fun to play with.

There's nothing quite like seeing a pic of your ex online and thinking 'Thank god I'm not with that dick anymore!'

There's nothing quite like seeing a pic of your ex online and thinking 'Thank god I'm not with that dick anymore! Yes and the drama he creates with his ex wife that she believes all his lies and his girlfriend does too. Thank God I dropped that lair!

Oh yes.. way to much drama people! BE HAPPY!

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So true! When people would ask what super power I wish I had when I was little it was reading minds.

Happy Holidays from your favorite Shiksa.

Its true Clear jars are a collectors best friend. So true! In Memory of My Best Friend Breast Cancer Heart Tee true


Funny Confession Ecard: Can't figure out why children cry when they get time-out.

This pin is dedicated to the Roly-Poly Little Bat-Faced Girl who has no idea that "You Can Call Me Al" runs through my head when I see her. Also dedicated to the Oompa Loompa. (I'm going to hell).

Hahaha 😂 So true! That used to be a favorite past time for me and a friend at the gym: making up nicknames for people. Ya gotta do something to pass the time!


Funny Family Ecard: Sometimes I look at my husband and think. You are one lucky son of a bitch.

i love you but i dont know how to tell you that saying | do you realize what you are saying half the time i don t want to hear ...

Dear All Prospective Men:

Those parties won't get you far. They may make you feel good for the moment, but they won't solve your problem.

Seriously, we don't care! Especially when people vent. I've stopped posting so much on fb because it sucks. Fb is lame.

Though I am clearly happy with someone new' my ex's new girlfriend still stalks my Facebook page... honey stop hurting your own feelings.. you'll never be me.

Religious nutbags - Please keep your delusions, lies, and fairy tales to yourself. You don't see atheists coming to your board and leaving comments correcting your lies, fallacies, and bigotry. Stop being so fucking rude.

Worthy of Getting Fired...

A pinner posted: "I often find myself contemplating if punching you in the face would be worth losing my job. Most days the answer is yes." Is loosing your job worse than losing it?