Patrón de los pétalos: ( esquema das pétalas da flor)    (  como se inicia )                         Para que el punto se qued...

step by step tutorial on making crochet orchid flower - uses monfilament on edges

Crochet y dos agujas: Mandala de primavera con explicación paso a paso

Made in K-town: Little Spring Mandala. This is the pattern Lucy used in her Attic 24 mandalas.

Ирландское кружево

вязание - ирландское кружево

Knitting. Roses from lace (Irish lace) Master Class.

Ирландское кружево

Перуанское вязание. Мастер-класс Шарфик.

Рукоделие - вязание - вилка

Irish crochet instructions, writting in russian but simple enough to understand from the pictures.

LEVEL 5 - Crocheting around a found item (or around other yarn, etc.) - Excellent crochet technique for making firm circles without plastic rings