Auroras  Taken by Anne Birgitte Fyhn on September 16, 2014 @ Kvaløya Island, Tromsø, Norway

Auroras in Kvaløya Island, Tromsø, Norway by Anne Birgitte Fyhn on September 2014

The Milky Way & Aurora

The Milky Way & Aurora

Filmmaker Captures The Aurora Borealis In Jaw Dropping Real-Time Film | Fstoppers

" Emerald Dynamite " Captured around the Arctic Circle by Ole Salomonsen of Norway. Isn't it sunning!

So much

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aura borealis over north Berwick. Wow so close to me!!

Aurora Borealis, North Berwick, Scotland, with The Bass Rock & Tantallon Castle

Northern Lights over Norway

This stunning Aurora Borealis photo was taken in Norway by Tommy Eliassen. The stripes in the sky of red and green contrast vividly; the perfect reflection of the sky in the sea magnifies the strange lighting effect.

Auroras Taken by Aurora Addicts on April 11, 2014 @ Near Boden, Sweden

Auroras Taken by Aurora Addicts on April 2014 @ Near Boden, Sweden

Dual Aurora Highway in Ersfjorden, Norway

Some of the most beautiful sights have the strangest names. Behold: “Dual Aurora Highway” - here seen above Ersfjorden in Northern Norway. God makes beautiful things.