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Spending time alone or just being mindful of the current moment will help you become more aware of your thoughts. If your thoughts feel good expand on them. If you realize your current thoughts are no longer working for you or moving you in the direction of what you wish to experience next...pause. Take a slow deep breathe and consciously choose a better/happier/healthier/calmer thought to replace the thoughts that are no longer serving you... NOW you are consciously creating. Use your…

How to Stay Positive + Benefits of Spreading Positivity

“Just because you are strong enough to handle pain or being hurt doesn’t mean you deserve it. Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that is hurting you or not making you happy.

- ̗̀ your beautifully perfect  ̖́- Pinterest: haganspinterest

- ̗̀ your beautifully perfect ̖́- Pinterest: haganspinterest

amidst the snow

Comfortable for adventuring from the plaid shirt to the boots and hat. Small and comfortable to bring the camera and travel journal.


Spend time with a Golden and clear to see why they're such a lovable dog. They have an adventurous appetite for life with a common main mission to simply make you happy.

The whole outfit is so laid back, and the hat and backpack are amazing!