Poems by Robert Browning’ with an introduction by Richard Garnett and illustrations by Byam Shaw. Published 1904 by G. Bell

" said Kate the Queen" — Illustration for "Poems of Robert Browning" by John Liston Byam Shaw,

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Poems by John Keats, Illustrations by Robert Anning Bell - Ay, in the very temple of delight Veil’d Melancholy has her sovran shrine.

Poems by John Keats’; illustrations by Robert Anning Bell and introduction by Walter Raleigh. Published 1898 by G. Bell

newberryprinting: In anticipation of more Friday Happy Hours to come, Ariadne picks some grapes in this illustration by Robert Anning Bell from John Keats’ Poems, printed in London in Happy Friday!

Fancy. Robert Anning Bell, from Poems by John Keats, London, New York…

Robert Anning Bell, from Poems by John Keats, London, New York, This reminds me of some Firebird illustrations I've seen in the past.

Makes me think of the Lorelei, a german divinity of the Rhine. She is an extraordinary beautiful woman with a voice similar to a siren's, and she is most of the time represented sitting on top of a rock and singing.

This artwork is from one of my absolute favorite children's books Deans. Dean’s A Book of Fairy Tales, 1977 edition. The Frog Prince” Illustration by Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone.