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World War Two ration book. 1944-1945. Photo courtesy of the National WWII Museum.

WWII Ration Book - Throughout the war, people received a ration-book for each…

Woolworth's lunch counter. So many childhood memories here. I used to go with my mother for a chocolate malted milk shake or a grilled cheese sandwich. Boy, do I miss this place!

February 1960 – Four black students begin a sit in at the Woolworth’s lunch counter. This sparked a movement throughout the South. Six months later, the same four students are served at the Woolworths counter.

I thought this was so original......gotta love it!!!

Like other baby boomers, I didn't get a Social Security card until I was at least

Rare and very interesting photos. Titantic.

Docked in Southampton. April 1912 - Belfast to Southampton. April 1912 - Departs Southampton for Cherbourg. April 1912 - Arrives in Queenstown and then departs for New York City. The rest is history.

Brylcreem — A Little Dab'll Do Ya ... but watch out -- the gals will all pursue yaaaaaa; they love to get their fingers in your hair.

Hair cream--Brylcreem, a little dab will do ya. Dad used to sing this song

American Bandstand. The only program I ever remember specifically watching with my sister (except Patty Duke!)

RIP Dick Clark & American Bandstand - I watched this every Saturday morning

True... also, back in my day you used "two" and "four" instead of 2 & 4

I just this same thing. 2 nd time in my life I feel very old. time was when my niece invited me to a club that played "old school!" I asked if old school was music. She said :"no, " ugh.