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Michael Sowaミヒャエル・ゾーヴァ(1945~)「Böcklins 6. Fassung(ベックリン・第6バージョン)」(1992)

ドイツ語圏の芸術bot on

Bocklins VI Version by Michael Sowa (homage to Isle of the Dead) on Curiator

The Rose Garden by Ferdinand Keller

Ferdinand Keller Grand Park with cypress, buchsbaumhecken overgrown and wisteria archway. In the middle ground two statues on swan pond next to the resurrection of Christ pillar with Venus.

Roman Landscape with Bridge, Arnold Böcklin, 1863

lionofchaeronea: Roman Landscape with Bridge, Arnold Böcklin, 1863

The Tomb of Böcklin Albert von Keller (1901-1902)

Ferdinand Keller, German, 1842 - 1922 The Tomb of Böcklin

Arnold Böcklin (Swiss 1827 – 1901) Ruined Castle with Two...

Arnold Böcklin (Swiss 1827 – Ruined Castle with Two Circling Eagles

Arnold Bocklin

nataliakoptseva: “ Arnold Bocklin Soldiers rising to the mountain fortress.

Desde el Renacimiento hasta nuestros días: Arnold Böcklin (1827-1901)

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Arnold Böcklin, Der Krieg (1896 - Oil on lime)

deathandmysticism: “ Apocalypse, Arnold Böcklin, War, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1896 ”