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'Save Your Season' - the debut album from Mint Julep, a husband and wife duo that makes sophisticated, ethereal dream-pop.

https://flic.kr/p/8dLGBw | the dream state | This image is from a commissioned shoot I did for choreographer Sara Silken and her dance group. View her work on youtube at www.youtube.com/user/ssilkin Sara is the one in this photo. I have about 7 more that I did for her and I might be posting one other to flickr at some point. And a bit later next week I'll put all of them on my fb fan page. We had lots of good fun with levitating that day :-)  In other news...the Linda Vista abandoned…

Brooke Shaden is a fine art photographer living and working in the Los Angeles area. Her passion lies in creating new worlds throu.

“Reza a lenda que quem vive coisas boas são as mesmas pessoas que as fazem, e que o que existe entre o "ter" e o "ser" é só ponto de vista e força de vontade.”

the wind whistles spirited songs,self portrait orbs dance frolic movement landscape fine art photography brookeshaden texture by les brumes

More Conceptual Photography by Brooke Shaden | http://www.123inspiration.com/more-conceptual-photography-by-brooke-shaden/

More conceptual Photography by Brooke Shaden

Fairytale Fashion Styles - Infusing fantasy and surreal concepts into fashion spreads and editorials serves to create an artistically stunning theme, and these fairytale fash.

house of floods by brookeshaden, via Flickr

House of floods - Los Angeles, CA based photographer Brooke Shaden created amazing work with her imagination as well as her camera and Photoshop. Using painterly techniques, she created art that blurs the lines between dreams and reality.