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Hand of Constantine (Colossus), Rome, Italy

darksilenceinsuburbia: “Hand of Constantine (Colossus), Rome, Italy ”

Endre Rozsda - Hands

Endre Rozsda: Hands II, 1968 (Hungarian Museum of Photography)

love this image...

My style of the "Two Handed Hold".a couple fingers through the handle!

Hands Statue, Abdi Ipekci Park, Ankara, Turkey

Photo of Art and Sculpture of hands (January Contest)This is the famous "Hands" statue in Abdi Ipekci Park by sculpter Metin Yurdanur.

Otto Dix,detail of #hands  "Portrait of the Lawyer Hugo Simons", 1929

Otto Dix, detail of hands "Portrait of the Lawyer Hugo Simons", 1929 Tempera and oil on wood . Montreal Museum of Fine Arts? Simons escaped Germany just in time.

Sculpture - 3 is the smallest Tetrahedra - a three dimensional Triangle from which all creation stems - for example: a family unit Father, mother child, etc.

Hand of justice, made for the crowning of Napoléon I. "The Hand of Justice will come to cleanse the world if we are true.

Fist Sculpture in Beijing, China - photo by Chris Weaver

by Chinese 'Invisible' sculptor/artist Liu Bolin - In Berlin & Beijing ~ photo by Chris Weaver

"Round Face" - Vanessa Pooley (Bronze)

Round Face includes figurative bronze nude sculpture by the british female sculptor and artist Vanessa Pooley.

Peintures sur mains de Mario Mariotti

The remarkable Italian artist Mario Mariotti is a conceptual artist who transforms his hands into odd, fantastic cre.

Effluvia from an Electrified Hand Resting on a Photographic Plate, March 1896. Jacob von Narkiewicz-Jodko

jakob von narkiewicz-jodko - effluvia from electrified hand resting on a photographic plate, 1896

Hand of Harmony (Bastian Schimpf) is located at Homigot, Republic Korea. This is the easternmost point of South Korea, nearby Pohang City.

'Hand of Harmony' at Pohang, South Korea - photo by Bastian Schimpf, via a massive bronze sculpture of a hand stretching up from the water in a small cove.Those are birds on the fingers, not claws.

Henry Moore OM, CH ‘The Artist’s Hand I’, 1979 © The Henry Moore Foundation. All Rights Reserved

Henry Moore OM, CH, ‘The Artist’s Hand I’ 1979 I would say this is not the hand of a young person. Are those lines to indicate shading or wrinkles?

loverofbeauty: “ Colossus of Constantine, Giant Hand, (Roman Musei capitolini Rome ”

Colossus of Constantine, Giant Hand,  (Roman c.325) Musei capitolini Rome