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Abandoned - love the light coming through the door .... Château Le Chat Noir (by Brrr Urbex)

Abandoned - light mixed with dusty dreams - Château Le Chat Noir (by Brrr Urbex)

Abandoned - Built between 1850 and 1854 by Count Carlo Amedeo Grosso, the castle was designed by the architect Luigi Formento, father of the Waldensian Temple and the San Secondo Church in Turin. Currently being restored.

harland and wolff belfast titanic

Ship Graveyards: Abandoned Ships, Boats and Shipyards

Harland and Wolff in Belfast is famous for building the Titanic, and while the yard remains active, the original Drawing Office and slipway where the ocean liner Titanic was built are long since abandoned.

The Spitzer House, revisited 6 by ~TungusExplossyan on deviantART

Castle in Beocin was built in year by Spitzer family, one of the owners of the cement factory in Beocin, according to the project of Stindal Imre. The Spitzer House, revisited 6

Beauty Waiting Patient

Beauty Waiting Patient - Abandoned Villa - Abandoned Building I would love to be able to bring back an old beauty and live in it. It's probably haunted.

Salon of the Old Castle, Bruniquel, France

"In a lifetime of empty rooms, this was another." __The Game of Kings by D.Dunnett [Credit - Salon of the Old Castle, Bruniquel, France]

The Eerie Innards of America’s Abandoned Sanitariums | Taunton State Hospital in New Jersey Jeremy Harris  | WIRED.com

The Eerie Innards of America's Abandoned Sanitariums