Little Moments: Leftover Story Starters

This is the most genius pin I've ever pinned as a mother! Use leftover puzzle/toy/game pieces as story starters! Little Moments: Leftover Story Starters

Do you ever put down your books and try a different kind of storytelling?

story telling with children

mini felt boards for center activities, small canvas boards with flannel fabric

DIY: Make your own flannel board for preschool

Story rocks.  Collect them, wash them, dry them, find small photos, Mod Podge them.  Then use them for story telling starters. Again, Ms. Stewart has great ideas.

Making story stones in preschool

Story stones-Could be a fun storytelling tool for preschool or smaller groups at service

stickyboard storytelling_my little bookcase

fun way to teach story telling and creativity - sticky board storytelling

Story telling game: Get the wooden figures from Walmart, Michael's or Joann's, put them into a bag. Take turns pulling a figure out and start telling a story about that figure. Ex: Pull out a lion, "There once was a lion walking through the grass (pull out a butterfly) then a butterfly flew by" etc

What a great way to get the kids interacting and to broaden their vocabulary. This story telling idea is also a great way to stimulate their social, emotional and cognitive development.

Six simple ways to encourage storytelling with your little one from Fun at Home with Kids

Simple Ways to Encourage Storytelling

Taming the LEGO Beast: Portable Tray — that's my letter

Taming the LEGO Beast: Portable Tray

portable lego tray - bookmarking this for when the kids get older and need a way to protect their precious lego projects

Story Telling for Children – Kids Activities Blog

Story Telling for Children

Story Telling for Children- fill in the blanks! Child can dictate words to you or practice writing them himself. Practice different parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective)

Games for Kids: How to Play Captain's Orders. Great game for groups of kids. Works well from ages 5 and up - even teens.

Games for Kids: How to Play Captain's Orders

Games for Kids: pirate theme: How to Play Captain's Orders. Great game for groups of kids. Works well from ages 5 and up - even teens.

Great idea to use your old books. Cut out the pictures and stick magnets on the back. Then get the kids telling their own stories.

Sun Hats & Wellie Boots: Upcycled Story Magnets NEED: old books, scissors, glue, magnets, magnetized board

Positive Discipline Techniques: Use Fictional Third-Party Mediators

This creative play idea is the silliest game of one-upmanship ever . and a great way to lighten the mood after school, or when things are getting a little too serious!

book-center #FLVS #organizedschooltools

Encouraging Creativity in Writing with a Simple Book Making Center

I like to have many pre-stapled books available for the kids in a simple book making center. I put the blank books and some writing utensils out where it's easily accessible.