Little mix and one direction together!!(:>>>> basically the groomsmen and bridesmaids for the Zerrie wedding

and Little mix so much perfection omgggg << Don't you mean part of One Direction, David Beckham, a rice farmer, and Little Mix?

its just too much!!!!! Little Mix AND One Direction!!!! 0.o I LOVE THEM ALL SO DEARLY!!!!!! <3

Awh look at Zayn cuddling all cutely up behind Perrie awhhhh so cuute and then there's Niall just rocking and loving life haha

Little Mix and One Direction= LOVE! 5 Seconds of Summer= LOVE!!!!!!!

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Little Mix and One Direction= LOVE! 5 Seconds of Summer= HATE WITH A PASSION!>>>>>>Um-erm excuse you but is amazing!

i actually love it. louis and zayn were in the same band, were together 24/7 for almost five years and then Poof! one day, they're relationship went down the drain. but perrie was zayn's fiancé and leigh-anne just knew zayn because of that. so of course she's gonna stick up for her best friend. but louis was best friends with zayn and i love how he's sticking up for zany's ex-fiancé instead of him.

I think this is great Perrie deserved this respect her dick head fiance just broke her heart over TEXT I love zayn but that was just a butthole move and I like how Louis says how it is and doesn't sugar code it like "Get the fook away!

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One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer

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actually I still wouldn't have a social life so don't feel all proud of yourself that you took my social life away ,sincerely half the fandom

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